Pediatric Occupational Therapy

For individuals coming across physical, mental, developmental, or emotional difficulties impacting their daily tasks, our Occupational Therapists are here to help and support them to effectively ease out these difficulties and lead an independent life. 

We are offering the following amenities under the umbrella of Occupational Therapy:

Anxiety Management:

Living with anxiety disorder can overtake your routine work but we know how to help you get out of this condition. Following professional methods, our team of therapists believes in one on one communication through consultation sessions to develop a deeper understanding of every client we serve. Coupling these interactive sessions with relaxation techniques and structured problem solving we aim at providing the best anxiety management therapy to help you lead an amazing life. Keeping in view the privacy of every individual we believe in providing the finest therapeutic facilities for anxiety management from children to adults. 


Sensory Integration:

Research proves that children showing repetitive or extreme behavior can find solace in Sensory Integration Therapy. Beginning from the early gestation period, these sensory interconnections develop and mature as the child grows. Achieve Therapy and Learning Services focuses on soothing these interconnections to help an anxious child back to a normal life. Utilizing different play and games-oriented therapies, we aim at helping every child as naturally as possible. Based on reviving the basic use of all five senses, our therapy sessions will help your child to fight conditions like repeated and aggressive behavior. 



Achieve Therapy and Learning Services has developed a team of experienced physiotherapists, inspired to utilize a tested combination of physiotherapy and pediatric monitoring for treating the condition of Torticollis or Wryneck. Beginning from going through the complete gestational history of the child we believe in proper parent education to bring out the best results. Next in line is a combination of physical therapy and repositioning treatment to develop the correct upright posture. Along with physiotherapy, our pediatricians regularly monitor and modify the diet of your child to strengthen his or her neck muscles. 



We also provide the best treatment for Tourette’s syndrome and recommend early diagnosis and management for better results. Symptoms include repeated actions including shoulder shrugging or repeated eye blinking, visible from age as early as 7 years are being treated at Achieve Therapy and Learning Services (ATLS). Even children in their late teens can be brought back to a normal lifestyle through the professional guidance of our therapists. Following the Comprehensive Behavioural Intervention therapeutic approach, we keep incorporating therapies like relaxation training, emotion identification, and habit reversal to help your child come back to a healthy and beautiful life.


Driving Assessment

We are here to help you get through the driving assessment easily. Utilizing their years of experience, our therapists will help you revive driving safely following any injury, disability, or illness. This service aims at helping individuals having a history of any physical or mental injury that can hamper their driving skills. Following a few sessions, you or your family member will be able to drive safely and live an independent life. You can benefit from Achieve Therapy and Learning Services’ Driving Assessment to grow over your past experiences and lead an active life by driving safely.  


Dementia Care Services

Achieve Therapy and Learning Services brings another Occupational Therapy, especially for individuals diagnosed with dementia. We specialize in helping individuals suffering from early-stage, mid-stage, or even late-stage dementia. Following our inclusive policy, we also offer guiding sessions for people taking care of family members with dementia. We aim to make dementia more manageable and less stressful for both the patient and his or her family members. You can contact us for educational as well as a practical aid for your loved ones going through dementia and make things easier for them. 


Autism Spectrum

Occupational Therapy (OT) for children lying on whichever stage of the autism spectrum is extremely important. Keeping in mind this need for dedicated OT for autistic children, we offer specialized therapies aiming at enhancing their playing and learning skills. Our expert therapists will evaluate your child and develop a dedicated plan for him or her to follow. The basic aim is to improve sensory management and make day-to-day activities easier for your child. We cover everything from independent eating and using the washroom to even writing and coloring. You can benefit from our services for your child and preferably from an early age for better results. 



Having sloppy or illegible handwriting can be signs that your child needs Occupational Therapy. And Achieve Therapy and Learning Services provides the right kind of Occupational Therapy specifically designed for improving handwriting. Evaluating the reasons behind improper handwriting and then devising an on-point solution is how our handwriting OT works. Focusing on letter formation, proper letter size, and line use, our experts will help your child improve his or her handwriting by overcoming all obstacles. 

How To Proceed

Once you’ve obtained a signed referral from your child’s PCP, we will be ready to serve you directly. We will invite you for an initial assessment, where we will create a customized plan for your child that involves one of our Occupational Therapists, your child’s insurance, and PCP.

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