Physical therapy for Adults

Is physical therapy for adults the same as rehabilitation?

If you’re looking for a physical therapist for adults in Idaho Falls, there are things you should know about practicians in this field and what physical therapy really is before you choose one to help in your recovery.

When is physical therapy for adults needed?

Adults may need physical therapy when they are trying to recover from a physical injury that impacts their ability to control the body.

Some common reasons that people look for physical therapists for adults are

  • — Birth defects. 
  • — Rehabilitation after diseases.
  • — After physical injuries.


Why is physical therapy so important after injuries?

Physical therapy is important because it can help patients recover physical abilities and improve their mobility. Physical therapy can be beneficial because it can help patients avoid surgery and to help them to remain independent. 

There are many different activities that adults in physical therapy do to help improve their ability to conduct daily functions and restore an active life after injury. Exercises that help develop the muscular system and improve motor development can also help prevent injuries.  These exercises support the functionality of the body in ways that help overcome challenges such as coordination problems.  

There are differences between physical therapy and rehabilitation. 

Physical therapy can play a role in a rehabilitation plan. Such therapy can be called recovering physical therapy. The purpose of physical therapy is to restore a patient’s ability to move and perform physical functions. For example, an adult going to physical therapy may have suffered injuries that resulted in limited flexibility and performs exercises to restore flexibility. A person who has emerged from a coma may, for instance, need physical therapy to restore strength in their limbs in order to walk and conduct activities of daily living. Home exercises can help as well.


Physical therapy can be a part of rehabilitation, but rehabilitation is broader in scope and is considered a holistic approach to healing. While physical therapy is focused solely on improving physical functioning through the conditioning of the patient’s body, a person in rehabilitation could be given medication or prosthetic devices in order to aid in mobility. Additionally, a rehabilitation program may also include social aspects to help an individual reintegrate into society. At our clinic, we have physical therapists for adults in Idaho Falls.

Why choose Achieve Therapy and Learning Services?

We are proud to offer physical therapy for adults in Idaho Falls, ID. Achieve Therapy and Learning Services has offered recovering physical therapy for adults in Idaho Falls for years. We’re home to some of the most talented and compassionate staff. We take good care of our patients. Our patients emerge from our care with their health restored.

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