Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Services Including Specialty Areas

Benefit from our Physical Therapy Services in the following areas:

Motor Development:

Moving on to our Physical Therapy Services section, Motor Development holds great importance. While proper Motor Development lets your child move and interact with his or her environment freely and appropriately, undernourished motor development can be an obstruction. Achieve Therapy and Learning Services (ATLS) understands the importance of Motor Development and has come up with a well-balanced way to support the motor functioning of your child. Not just that, you may even benefit from our services for adult motor development and strengthening sessions to help your family members come back to a healthy and active life. 


Pediatric Physical Therapy:

Achieve Therapy and Physical Services’ Pediatric Therapy is an endeavor toward helping your child to lead an independent life most comprehensively. This therapy mainly focuses on improving the strength of the muscular system and the range of movement it confers to your child. Our therapists are devoted to helping parents in assisting their children to reach their potential in terms of physical movement needed to function independently in life. Just a little attention and expert help can bring your child back towards healthy participation in school and other activities.

How To Proceed

We’ll be ready to begin as soon as you’ve obtained a signed referral from your child’s PCP. During an initial assessment, we’ll create a child-centered plan that collaborates with a discipline-specific therapist, your child’s insurance and PCP.

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