Pediatric Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Services Including Specialty Areas:

Achieve Therapy and Learning Services is inspired to provide Speech Therapy Services under the supervision of our team of qualified and experienced therapists.

Augmentative Communication:

Our Augmentative Communication service includes the use of both unaided and aided modes of communication to support children and adults in need of an alternative way of communication in case of any disability. Acquiring unaided communication skills including gestures and sign language is a part of our Augmentative Communication Therapy. We also specialize in providing high-quality tools and devices to supplement natural speech for all those in need. Depending on the requirements of every single person we serve, strategies and augmentative methods are utilized to help your loved ones come back to a healthy life.

Feeding Therapy:

Achieve Therapy and Learning Services aims at helping clients (mostly children) develop a healthy outlook for food which will in turn cultivate effective feeding behaviors. Our therapists put in great effort to first, identify the reason behind eating difficulty and second, device client-specific therapy. This therapy includes helping your child develop the required oral skills for sucking, sipping, chewing, and swallowing. By reducing your child’s sensitivity towards certain foods, we aim at making the whole eating practice a source of bonding between you and your child.

Vital Stim Therapy:

Having difficulty eating is not just a childhood problem but is also very common in older adults as in the condition known as dysphagia. To help adults suffering from difficulty swallowing, we are offering Vital Stim Therapy. This therapy utilizes Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation (NMES) to stimulate the normal functioning of nerves and muscles involved in swallowing. By coupling Vital Stim with other speech therapies, our expert pathologists are available to help aging adults restart eating normally. To assist your parents or adult relatives come out of dysphagia, you can benefit from our Vital Stim Therapy.

Parkinson’s Therapy:

We also provide specialized speech therapy to support Parkinson’s patients improve and maintain their speaking skills. One-on-one sessions with our speech-language pathologists will help clients learn strategies to improve speech. Depending on the needs, we also offer appropriate communication technologies including palatal lift, amplification, speech enhancers, etc. Along with medication, speech therapy has also proven to be very effective for Parkinson’s patients. Keeping that in view, we provide proper speech and language strategies and exercises to help your loved ones communicate effectively.

How To Proceed

Once you’ve obtained a signed referral from your child’s PCP, we will be ready to serve you directly. We will invite you for an initial assessment, where we will create a customized plan for your child that involves one of our Occupational Therapists, your child’s insurance, and PCP.

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