Pediatric Therapy Tutoring Services

Looking for a one-stop solution for all your problems? Achieve Therapy and Learning Services (ATLS) is here to provide Tutoring Services for children and adults linked to the teaching profession.

Educational Modules

For parents looking for a foolproof study plan for their children or teaching staff looking for a professional study framework, we are at their service. Designing Educational Modules especially for you while keeping in view your strengths and weaknesses is where we specialize. Knowing our client’s needs, carrying out thorough research, utilizing experience, and coming up with the best plan for you is how we go about it. If this is what you are looking for then without wasting any time you can contact us for a shining academic performance.


Specialty Groups:

Moving on to the most versatile of our services, the Speciality Group is where Achieve Therapy and Learning Services sets the standard high. 



Devoted to helping children struggling with writing in sync, our experts provide the right amount of attention to the areas lagging. Starting from the correct hand posture to loop formation and maintaining a balanced size, we know how to put your child on the right track. 


Social Skills

Developing an effective way of communication, body language, and mannerism begins in early childhood. Facilitating interaction through confidence-building exercises and interactive sessions plays an important role in our Social Skill sessions. Alongside confidence boosting our experts also focus on inculcating social traits like sharing, cooperation, and obedience. Guiding clients to come out of their shells and develop a new way of looking at themselves is what we aim at.



Helping clients achieve physical, cognitive, and emotional integration our Dance/Movement Therapy holds a special place in our service groups. Keeping you fit with all the muscles actively participating, Dance/Movement Therapy is also beneficial for releasing all your stress and negative energy. This particular therapy is a proven success for everyone including couples, friends, and groups for a healthy expression of feelings. 

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