Physical therapy

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When is physical therapy for kids needed?

Children can be very active and dynamic, and when they suffer injuries, it can be heartbreaking. Physical therapy for kids can help support the functionality of a child’s muscular system and restore motor development. It can be necessary for a number of reasons.

  • Your child may have suffered an injury. Sometimes safety rules in school and sports aren’t enough, and your child was 
  • Your child may have a birth defect that impacts the limbs or muscular system.

Physical therapy is meant to give kids a well-balanced life by restoring your child’s ability to perform daily functions. Practicians of physical therapy can help your child avoid surgery by improving physical functioning through a wide range of activities.

What does physical therapy include?

Physical therapy involves the movement of the body with an intent to recover physical abilities. Activities done during a physical therapy session are typically meant to improve mobility as well as increase strength and flexibility in the body. They include exercises that are meant to stretch and strengthen the muscles that have been negatively impacted by any number of factors.

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